The origins of naturism are in the nature of the earliest human history. Early humans were very closely involved in the surrounding nature and depended to the greatest possible extent on it. The awareness of this dependence was allways hugh, for an explanation was missing for many natural processes. In all early cultures, therefore, a cult of worship of the natural forces developed: whether it was the hunting prosperity, the fertility of the fields, the good harvest, the development of one's own family and the own tribe – for the attainment of all the goals necessary for survival the forces of nature were appealed.

This attitude close to nature was maintained during millennia. Even iff the traditional fecundity festivals got also an additional Christian content by the church, the bunny remained faithful as a fertility symbol to Easter, the Christmas festival as a celebration of the lights that win against the dark, the joy of the sunsets that the days get even longer again. The Christian contents are only superficial, superimposed storiettes on the essentially older, fundamental concerns, and deep motivations of the people.

With the increasing Thalesdissemination of science, which began in Mesopotamia, which gained its first summit in Egypt and then in Greece, which was continually cultivated by Romans and Arabs in the Middle Ages and then developed more and more rapidly within the modern era, the attitude close to nature of the humans faded more and more. It seemed to be almost everything, science answers today almost every question, the world formula, which explains everything, is considered to be close to grasping.

Natural philosophers have at all times condemned this overvaluation of science and warned against too great faith in science and technology. In fact, humanity has reached an order of magnitude, that will exhaust the resources of our planet in the foreseeable future. In fact, the situation has long ago come to the situation, that a quarter of the world's population can no longer be adequately fed. In fact, we will achieve within the foreseeable future with the pollution of the the carbon, which is chemically bound in the natural resources oil and coal, the dioxide-containing atmosphere and the climatic conditions, that have created the oil and coal deposits through millions of years of virgin jungle.

The emergenging naturism in the period of change from the 19th to the 20th centuries was, besides a counter-movement towards puritanism and the prudery of the 19th century, a reflection on the natural forces, and this idea is also reflected in all the theoretical works of the early movement of naturism.

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