The World Naked Bike Ride was founded as a protest movement against pollution of the environment and endangerment of cyclists by motorised traffic. Also, it is an initiative to demonstrate the naturalness of the naked human body. The natury website reports about nudevents like cycling in the nude in nature, ride a bike naked in public in the heart of your town, and to raise attention for a more human and conscious lifestyle compliant with the limited resources, on which human existence depends.

In 2014, officials asked naked cyclists arriving at Hide Park to immediately cover up. In 2018, a group of naturists cycled after the official end back to West Norwood nearly 8 miles in the nude.

NL · World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in Amsterdam [8 July 2018]

Start in 'Frankendael' Park
Start in 'Frankendael' Park

The WNBR in Amsterdam 2018 took place on 7 July. Mostly sunny weather with temperatures around 25 °C were excellent conditions for the city sightseeing in the nude. Nearly 200 participants had gathered for the start in Frankendael Park, where there was still the opportunity to at least partially cover the nude skin with colourful paint. In the best mood, the bike trolley set off punctually at 2 pm, guided and accompanied by stewards in yellow safety vests, which stopped car and tram traffic at intersections and squares so that the pro-bike demonstrators had a safe passage.

The highlight of the tour were again the rests on the 'Magere Brug' and on the 'Museumsplein' with a view of the 'Reichsmuseum'. The audience in Amsterdam's streets, restaurant terraces, city tour boats on the canals and in the museum park often applauded – and recorded thousands of spontaneous videos.

Video Full HD approx. 1 min. When watching the video, click onto or to switch to full screen mode.

UK · World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in London and Brighton [10 June 2018]

2018-06-09 WNBR London

Sat, 9 June, London:
Approx. 1,600 naturist participants in middle of dense traffic and crush, but – with a lot of thumbs up around them – in a good mood.

Sun, 10 June, Brighton:
The weather again helped to make the WNBR in Brighton successful. Thanks to sunshine, pleasant temperatures around 24 °C and a caressing sea breeze on nude skin, the inclines on the steep coast were also effortless. In the end, engaged naturists could choose between bathing in the ocean and listening to the live music of the "Phantom Limbs" or combining both.

2018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 1  2018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 2  2018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 3  2018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 4

 – Report and photos: Rainer


More nude cycling and naked biking

Furthermore, the natury website reports about biking naked in daily life, because cycling nude is a healthy activity in open air. Our experience is, that more and more people understand naturism as a positive attitude towards life, answer our greetings, greet us first, or start a conversation when encountering us without even mentioning our nudity.

D · Season of nude cycling opened in southern Münsterland [11 April 2020]

Cycling along a forest pathNude cyclists are like fresh green: After the long, barren winter, they jump out of their clothes on the very first warm day of the year - directly onto the saddle. As a cyclist, you always generate your own wind, the headwind. That's why it's good to cycle in the nude, if it' s a few degrees warmer. Last Monday, the time had come: The thermometer at the handlebar showed more than 25°C air temperature, so that the first nude cycling tour of the year could start under a cloudless sky.

There were only a few other cyclists on the paths in the southern Münsterland region, with whom I could exchange Resting on a bench by the waysidea friendly greeting. Cars were even rarer. I did not meet any pedestrians at all. A few times, I stopped by the side of the road to let a tractor pass by – the farmers are at work, while I was only out on the road for recreational fun. No working man should have to wait for me there. Remarkably many of the tractor drivers became noticeably slower as they drove past, turned their heads towards me, and waved back intensively.

In front of a farm, a group of children with all kinds of playground equipment played on the property. The boy on the climbing tower had the best view and shouted: "Look, a nude cyclist!". And a moment later, there was a many-voiced, happy children's laughter, which echoed behind me for a while. That must have been a successful child amusement in times of Corona-related restrictions!

After a good 25 km, I reached the town again, after chaffinch, skylark, titmice, and other spring singers had accompanied my tour through woods and fields. However, numerous wagtails came much closer to me in the country, which was criss-crossed by ditches and brooks. A successful start to the season! videoplay16hd videoplay16hd

D · 2019 Regional newspaper Sächsische Zeitung informs about nude cyclists and hikers in the buff

Regional newspaper 'Sächsische Zeitung' refers to an Saechsische Zeitungattentive photographer on the banks of the Elbe River, who was able to have his camera at the ready in the town of 'Stadt Wehlen' to capture an image of passing nude cyclists.

Word is getting around in the region, that naturist activities on foot, by bike, and by boat are currently shaping leisure activities. But, this is not a new development in this region of Germany, just the continuation of a good, old, and proven tradition.

Translation of the article:

'Bare facts
Oops, who is cycling there through the town 'Stadt Wehlen'? Last weekend, a group of nude cyclists attracted the curiosity of many. The view was quite surprising for some of them, although the topic of nude activities is not new at all in Saxon Switzerland. Not only nude cyclists are naturally active outdoors, but also hikers in the buff have been seen already.'

D · WNT 2018 – Sun 16: Sun, bike, or hike and optionally wade a creek [16 September 2018]

On the final Sunday of the 'WNT 2018', we could enjoy sunshine and temperatures up 24 °C. 24 participants splitted into groups of 13 bikers und 11 hikers. As part of the 15 km hiking trail, the hikers had the option to wade a creek. Those, who did not want to take advantage of this refreshment or were afraid of wet feet, could alternatively continue their hike on dry paths with a short detour.

The bikers did a circuit of 49 km through the 'Dülmener Münsterland'. For lunch, both groups met again at the rest break, for which a car was parked near the enclosure of the 'Dülmen Ponies'. Afterwards, we went again on different paths until the return to the start-parking lot. Then, the restaurant 'Haus Waldfrieden'' fulfilled all wishes regarding coffee and cake, ice cream, cold drinks and hot meals. Finally, participants thanked the intiators, Mic and Rainer, and then bid farewell – until the next 'WNT' at the latest.

Open the WNT photo album 2018

Hint: Videos about cycling in the nude during WNT 2018


D · TNT – Wed 18 July: Enjoy the day on bike or on foot [18 July 2018]

During the TNT 2018, on Fri 20 July, there was an option to enjoy the day either paddling on a dam or on foot:

On Wednesday, 20180718 Ten naturists hiking in the buff through the forestsome participants of the Thüringer Naturisten-Tage biked nude near 'Bad Klosterlausnitz'. Afterwards, a visit to the 'Kristall-Thermen' was on schedule.

Some naturists opted for a hike in the buff: A photo album "10 nude hikers in the Thuringia Forest" reports their tour.

 – Report and photos: Rainer

D · Nude hiking days in Saxon Switzerland – Mon 14 Aug: Nude bicycle ride into Czech Republic [14 August 2017]

Also in 2017, Wolfgang and Andreas, tireless initiators of nude hikes, invited to participate in their tours in Saxon Switzerland. On Mon 14 August, a bicycle tour along the 'Elbe' River upstream into the Czech Rebublic and back was on schedule.

The traditional cycling trip to the Czech Republic started in quite cool temperatures of less than 17 °C. The cold was particularly noticeable in the shade and the strong wind. But the sun eventually appeared in the blue sky and quickly warmed the cyclists.

Of course, we could not bike through 'Kurort Rathen' without a stop at the railway crossing gate. At the exit of the village, we already announced to the mobile ice-maker our return in the afternoon. However, he did not have enough patience to wait for us: on the way back we had to do it without ice cream.

We crossed the bike path construction site (blocked for pedestrians and cyclists: 'Lebensgefahr!' [en: Danger to life!] between 'Königstein' and 'Bad Schandau' during our forward run with some difficulty, but decided for our way back to cross the Elbe over the 'Bad Schandauer Brücke' [en: Bad Schandau Bridge] to continue the journey on the north bank of the Elbe. In 'Königstein' the ferry brought us back to the south side.

The rest of the trip to the Czech Republic and back went as planned. We had lunch of goulash and Bohemian dumplings and other food. At the end of the day we assembled at a restaurant in the Pirna market square and enjoyed the warm summer evening and cheerful socializing.

 – Translation: John.

D · Naturist Days in Thuringia 2017: Hike or bike tour in the nude near 'Neuhaus' [20 July 2017]

In 2017, Andreas once again initiated Thuringian Naturist Days, this time with 10 events from 14 to 23 July. On Thu 20 July, you could opt for a bike tour near 'Neuhaus' in the 'Thüringer Wald' Mountains or a hike tour.

Sixteen cycling fans decided to travel their own way today and set off separately from the 8-person hiking group. Their start was 'Neuhaus' at the 'Rennweg' where some of the cyclists could hire a bike for the day. Others had bike carriers on their cars and had brought along their own bikes.

The trail led upward in a predominantly cloudy sky and 23° air temperature over the 'Rennsteig' and 'Panoramaweg' towards the west and to the upper basin of the 'Goldisthal' and the 'Vattenfall' pumped-storage power station. From the observation point we could see not only the basin, but also the great panoramic view of the mountains in the northwest.

On the way back the bike group was caught in a heavy thunderstorm. Those who had raincoats tried (in vain) to protect themselves from the torrential downpour. Those who had no coats took off their remaining protective clothing, and allowed the rain to run down their legs into their shoes (if any). However, the temperature had now fallen to 18°.

In parallel with the cycling tour the hiking group hiked numerous hiking trails which had high-quality moss covering and were comfortable to those hiking barefoot. At the Schwarza source the water has a constant temperature of 6.1 ° C and rises through a fracture (column source) between slate and sandstone. In our further route we explored a part of the 'Rennsteig' and marvelled especially at its annual use as a marathon course.

In the restaurant 'Schmelztiegel' [en: Melting Pot] in Neuhaus we were able to restore our energies and consumed calories in a very welcome and pleasant manner!

 – Report: Rainer; photos: Horst. Translation: John.

D · Bike tour to the Czech Republic for dumplings [5 August 2016]

During the 'Sächsische Naturisten-Tage (SNT)' in 2016, a bike tour along the 'Elbe' River into the Czech Republic was on schedule on 4 August:

Elbe Cycle Route
Cycle Route along the river 'Elbe' in 'Königstein'

35 km of nude cycling to the Czech Republic was a pleasure for the 21 participants at temperature of up to 30°C and lots of sunshine, especially as a lot of people waved us on this Elbe Cycle Route and from excursion boats. On the spot, we had lunch in a restaurant, i.e. roasted pork with sauerkraut and Bohemian dumplings for 5.30 Euro. Then we went back without any breakdown back to Pirna.

D · Wed 27 July: Nude biking tour near 'Saalburg' [27 July 2016]

During the 'Thüringer Naturisten-Tage (TNT)' in 2016, there was the option to either hike or bike on 27 July:

Nude biking tour near Saalburg
Nude biking tour near Saalburg

The tour started with sparkling wine and a choir singing "Happy Birthday" for one of the nude cyclists. Twenty-two cyclists set off in parallel with a group of seven hikers. Their paths were planned in such a manner, that the two groups met once. Finally, after 26°C and a bright sky, there were a few raindrops, before we could have dinner on the terrace of a local hotel restaurant.


More information and reports on living in the altogether:
Naked cycling and nude biking

Also, you may read more about other nude biking activities. You may ride a bike naked during naturist days in Saxony, Thuringia, and Westphalia. So, you may have several days or even weeks of nakation outside fenced areas. Several people from abroad have already experienced such a nude lifestyle of "free range naturism" in public.

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