D · Participant's report: Vittorio – Recollection on the 'Thüringer Naturisten-Tage' 2018 [6 February 2019]

Vittorio, Italy, participated in the Vittorio at the TNT 2018Thüringer Naturisten-Tage [en: Thuringian Naturist Days] 2018. He speaks and writes excellent German from his student days in Berlin in the 70s and 80s and has provided us with his memories of the hiking experiences in Thuringia in 2018.

On the long hikes, in the inns, in the evenings at the accommodation there was constant talk. Thousands of speeches were connected with each other, with one and the other, and with a third.

The people were open, friendly … and I noticed it because I normally don't feel so open. Calm the spirit, carefree, the smile came to the surface and remained constantly in the face. I was happy every time someone talked to me, have a conversation with me. Each respected the other, his way, his habits, his unique nature.

The fact of being nude was a minor matter, it helped however: It made us live in a state of grace, in a special nature of feelings, so that we automatically were living well together.

For ten days, they were extraordinary interpersonal relationships, as if everyone had always been friends, as if they were friends since ever, and each appreciated the other as nothing but good and friendly. We were on vacation, we were all in a good mood, but I brought home the belief that more positive relationships with people are possible.

Naturally, we were not ashamed of ourselves, of our body, and the fact that the word nudity lost all its raison d'être and no longer denoted a state of emergency, that it was no longer classified and embarrassing, helped us on a material level to have no more fears, uncertainties and caution, and tendency to hide. When you feel completely visible in your body, you feel completely transparent in your mind …

Read the full report (PDF)

A / D · NEWT and Saxon Switzerland 2018 [25 September 2018]

We got a participant's report by Lim, Singapore.

 ►  "NEWT 2018: a week-long nude hiking on the Tyrolean Alps

2018-07-28 Lim at NEWT: Welcome gatheringHaving been to NEWT every year since my first participation in 2016, this third NEWT of mine was a lovely time of meeting old friends and making new ones. There is an enchanting attraction in Alpine hiking that is quite indescribable and makes it irresistible for hikers to return each year almost religiously but while the views are always stunning and breathtaking, one must not forget that the mountains are untamed and can at times be quite unforgiving. Having slipped and fallen on a cattle grid last year which resulted in a badly bruised knee, I was determined this year to be much more careful and sure enough, everything went on smoothly. […]

It was a lovely sunny day and we hiked up to Ahornstein. On our way, we came across quite a few non-naturist hikers with whom we exchanged greetings and pleasantries. There were horses too which, to a selfie-addict like me, were nothing less than an invitation to take more photos. […]2018-07-29 Lim at NEWT: Welcome with horses

All the hiking left us pretty much hungry and thirsty and it was such a joy when we stumbled upon a tavern called Konigsbergalm 1300. This was the same place we stopped at in NEWT 2016. The owner was perfectly naturist-friendly and a handful of guests he had at his pub were very friendly. It’s moments like this that make me regret not knowing how to converse in German. Before we left, the owner and staff asked if we minded having a group photo taken at his pub. We were more than delighted to oblige. […]"

Read the full report (PDF) with more photos.

 ►  "Saxony Active Naturist Week 2018

Lim in Saxony: Rest breakThis was the first time I participated in the Saxony event. Previously, although I had heard of it, I was under the impression that it was an exclusively German affair. After all, the international participants of NEWT did not go to Saxony after NEWT. But last year, John (of Dublin) and I discussed the prospect of attending this event this year and the thought that there would at least be one non German-speaking Irishman somehow emboldened me. And boy, am I glad I went!

First, many of the participants of the Saxony event were people I already knew and had met in the previous NEWT events. Even those who were new to me were friendly and warm as all naturists tend to be. There were people from other countries too, and at least two other persons (quite apart from John and me) who did not speak German. It may not have as large an international community as NEWT but it’s getting there. And the activities are incredibly enjoyable and varied. After the gruelling hiking at NEWT which exhausted me quite a bit, I was relieved to see that the Saxony hiking wasn’t so strenuous. The area is a huge national park with unique rock formations and the hike involved a lot of climbing up ladders, steps and rocks and squeezing through crevices in rocks and going into labyrinths of tunnels and meandering paths that nature has blessed this area with. It’s for me very much like the Disneyland of nude hiking. Lim in Saxony: Icecream booth in 'Kurort Rathen', a town at the Elbe RiverApart from hiking, we went boating in the river and yes, we cycled for 40 km into the Czech Republic and we cycled the same distance back, all by the Elbe River. […]

The international crowd from NEWT should also attend the Saxony activities just as the Saxony folks should attend NEWT. If you get to know people better, you will find that there is so much you can talk about with people who speak a different language. I spent many a pleasant hour discussing English grammar with Horst and Rainer - something I could never do with English-speaking people who universally don’t know much about grammar. There’s something truly amazing about the German people that made me decide to learn the German tongue but sadly, I just gave it up after my first lesson. Some things are just impossible. Hope to see everyone again next year!"

Read the full report (PDF) with more photos.

 – Report and photos: Lim, Singapore

D / A · 'Impressions of a visitor from Ireland' [21 September 2017]

We got a participant's report by John, Ireland.

 ►  "SAXONY ACTIVE NATURIST WEEK, impressions of a visitor

IMG 0847 John in Saxon SwitzerlandThis was my first time to hike in the Saxon Switzerland landscape.  It is a most attractive national park.  The river Elbe adds to the attractions of the hiking areas.  We were never far from the river which looked very benign in the pleasant summer conditions.  We know, of course, that it can be very menacing in flood conditions.

The hiking was of a good standard, IMG 1006 Climbing on the stones of Saxon Switzerlandfairly strenuous in the summer heat, but not as difficult as at NEWT.  Naturism seemed to be acceptable almost everywhere, and yet the only naturists I saw were the members of our own group.  Most clothed hikers, cyclists, ice cream vendors, etc, seemed to regard us as not exceptional.

Hiking through the caves and on the vertical ladders were a new and, at first, a somewhat frightening experience for me …"

Read the full report (PDF, with more photos).

 ►  "NEWT 2018, a week of naturist Alpine hiking, impressions of a visitor

IMG 0574 John at the NEWTThis was my third visit to NEWT, so I knew many of the regular attendees, and I knew what the procedures were in the mountain hut that we shared and hiking out on the mountains.

Alpine hiking, IMG 0594 Alpine hiking at the NEWTclothed or naked, is very strenuous because of the ascent and descent in mountainous terrain.  Non hikers do not appreciate how difficult coming downhill can be.  The ground is uneven and the hikers generally tired.  Most hiking accidents occur coming downhill.  When hiking naked more of the body is exposed to possible injury.  Being careful is essential.

NEWT 2018 was just as difficult as NEWT 2017 …"

Read the full report (PDF, with more photos).

 – Reports and photos: John (Ireland)

D · A weekend of nudevents in the 'Münsterland': 29 April: Where the 'Dortmund-Ems' Canal crosses the 'Ems' River [29 April 2017]

During a weekend of naturist days in Westphalia in spring 2017, we visited interesting construction work inmidst nature:

On Saturday 29 April at 10 a.m., 28 naturists met in a restaurant in the North-western Münsterland to have a pleasant chat, to exchange memories and to play skittles. In the afternoon a number of them closed the day with a short walk. Because temperatures were low, not all naturists walked in the nude that day.
We hiked on country paths and field roads through natural areas to the bridge that leads the Dortmund Ems Canal over the Ems River. The bridge is a good thing for the environment, since larger transport capacities in the inland waterway transport reduce the need for freight mobility on the road.

For more information on the canal bridge, you may read an article "Neue Kanalüberführung in Gelmer wird gebaut: Der Kanal wird umgeleitet" (wn.de) of regional newspaper 'Westfäliche Nachrichten'.

Thomas has sent us a participant's report concerning his experience of the nudevent on 29 April 2017.

"Once again, I want to thank you for the beautiful day and for all your efforts to make the joint nudevents possible. The restaurant, the bowling alley and the service – it was all very pleasant. It has been a very positive experience to me, that the staff showed no fear of contact at all and that the socialising among us was absolutely uncomplicated. But the most important thing I got aware of is, that once again I got to know a number of very nice people. Right from the beginning, the atmosphere was relaxed, making me feel very well and at ease.

This was true for the nude hike as well. The route was very well chosen and the canal bridge, being the little highlight, was interesting and informative. Nice conversations with all participants offered optimum variety. Moreover being in the buff at temperatures that were rather low in spite of the season, appeared to be one of my new perceptions, even if the chilliness let my knees shaking from time to time. And I will even remember the reaction of those coming across us, who mainly did not had any trouble at all to encounter nude people, as a quite pleasant experience.

So when on Sunday my thoughts went out to your hike that day and the weather was so fine and sunny, it made me envy you. I wish the Saturday hike had met such circumstances as well. I will definitely be present at some of your WNT events in June this year, and I will register for them at the natury website."

 – Report and photos: Rainer and Horst

D · Westphalian Naturist Catch-up Days in 'Münsterland' [28 August 2016]

We could enjoy a bright blue sky and temperature up to 34°C for the first hike of the Westphalian Naturist Catch-up Days, i.e. those nudevents, which we had to cancel last June due to bad weather conditions. And during the next days, it is going to be quite similar!

 ► Thu 25 Aug: Participant's report by Bruno [25 February 2017]

A short distance along the road
A short distance along the road …

… and then continuing between forests and fields
… and then continuing through forests and fields

Bruno, one of the participants of the hike, gave us two more photos and remembers:

"25 August 2016 was a hot day. We had a happy get-together in the altogether. 15 km were enough for me. With the current high temperature weather conditions, the track on Friday (26 August 2016) would have been too long for me, especially since there were still height differences to tackle with."

 ► Fri 26 Aug: Option to hike or to bike [26 August 2016]

'Kleines Kartoffelhaus' [en: Little Potato-House]
Nude in the restaurant 'Kleines Kartoffelhaus' [en: Little Potato-House]

Same starting point, same destination – only the length of the route is different for the cyclists and hikers in the nude. Where the 5 hikers could shorten from 25 to 17 km – which all of them did. In fact, up to 34°C and plenty of sun caused, that moving outdoors was exhausting, even if a lake offered an opportunity for refreshment in between. The 16 cyclists completed their planned route of 54 km with many breaks.

At the end of the day, we met in the 'Kleines Kartoffelhaus' in 'Altenberge'. Of course, it was also quite warm in the reserved room, so one of the female hikers came up with the idea to ask: "We are a nude hiking group, it is so warm – may we take our clothes off and have dinner in the nude?" We were allowed! And tasted the exquisite dishes without clothes: quite like at home!

Nude bike tour in the Münsterland
Nude bike tour in the 'Münsterland'

 ► Fri 26 Aug: Participant's report by Thomas [24 January 2017]

Addendum 24 January 2017: Thomas has sent a participant's report to us as to his first hike in the nude on 26 August 2016:

"I am one of those people, who only feel comfortable, when they are nude. I can practise this mainly during vacation, in a sauna and, of course mainly, at home.

In the course of time, the desire, to leave the domestic area and to experience the environment in the nude as you do quite naturally like a clothed human being, grew.

However, this is not possible in the densely populated area, where I live. On the website www.natury.de, One day, I got the information about nude hiking in public space.

With the so-called 'Westfälische Naturisten-Tage (WNT)' [en: Westphalian Naturist Days], nude hikes and bicycle tours were offered on several consecutive days, e.g.:

Fr 2016-08-26 - Northern Münsterland - Hiking | bike tour
Small tracks through fields, meadows, short forest passages, farmland.
Either Hiking:
In total about 26 km, approx. 120 m cumulated difference in altitude. 2 cars for food and beverage supplies after about 8 and 17 km in total. Option for a shorted hike (about 17 km in total)
Or biking

To take part in a nude hike did interest me very much. I expected a new impression of nature, as I had never known it before. I wanted to let the forces of nature like wind and sun act on me. As part of a group hike, I also felt safe enough. I would not have done such a hike on my own alone.

So, I registered myself at short notice and received after a few days detailed information. A very professionally designed PDF file (from the WNT initiators Mic and Rainer) provided me with all the necessary information and gave me an absolutely serious impression.

My questions about the event were always answered promptly and precisely.

The hike should have a length of about 26 km and be accompanied by two refreshment breaks. Northern Münsterland was announced as the region. In terms of a rural character, it has a rather loose settlement, often farmhouses, fields, forest, and the like.

This looked perfectly, because encounters with clothed people could certainly not be avoided, but should not happen too often from my point of view.

I wanted to approach the topic of 'nude hiking' carefully, preferably through positive reactions and experiences."

Read the entire report by Thomas: "Meine erste Nacktwanderung" as PDF.

 ► Sat 27 Aug: 16 or 23 km hiking in the nude [27 August 2016]

Hinking in the buff
Hiking in the buff

14 naturists met at 'Westerwinkel' Castle and hiked at up to 30 °C and sunshine mainly on shady – and gravelly – forest trails to 'Nordkirchen' Castle and then back to the starting point.

Several people, who probably did not know or could not classify nude hiking activities, called the police, so we had a visit of a police patrol in between. After the policeman first spoke a bit confusing of possibly "perceived insult", he finally only asked us to take care for older ladies on traffic roads. Of course we will do that! We have rejected all other allegations as unfounded.

After 16 km, the hiking group reached the recreation place for the second time, and after the break, 4 hikers decided to take care of their tired feet or calves. They drove back by car, while the others continued their hike as planed for another 7 km.

 ► Sun 28 Aug: Nude hiking and track swimming [28 August 2016]

At the last of WNT 2016 logothe Westphalian Naturist Catch-up Days, 16 participants hiked through the area of the Bockholter Berge [en: Bockholt Mountains]. 40 m above sea level, the highest peaks have an altitude of 13 m, thus leading to 53 m above sea level. But the uphill sections were good to handle for everyone.

At the 'Bockholter Berge'
At the 'Bockholter Berge'

A slope-free part of the hike ran over a few km along the 'Dortmund-Ems-Kanal', whose floods were also used for swimming. The thunderstorm of the previous night had made the up to 32 °C warm air much wetter than on the previous days, so that you already started to sweat in the morning.

The 6 track swimmers among the participants covered 3 km in the 'Ems' River and enjoyed the cool water for more than an hour, while the others continued the hike. At the boat dock of 'Gimbte', we met again.

Before driving home, we went in 'Gimbte' to the restaurant 'Deutscher Herd' [en: German Kitchen Stove] and enjoyed classic German dishes – and also some of delicious ice cream cups.

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