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Housework nude? Sure, how else? It is physical work, which normally makes you sweat. Why should I be amongst the rising dry and hot air whilst ironing? That would be completely absurd!

Bügeln – natürlich nackt 

House cleaning – naturally nude

Spring clean – nude of course! And yet I'm already sweating nude. What if the postman rings the doorbell because he needs to deliver a parcel? Cautious naturists ask before they open the door: "Does it bother you, if we are nude? Usually the answer comes after only a short pause for thought: mostly saying: "No, no, it doesn't bother me!". If you then open door and are actually only wearing sandals, you will sometimes be told: "Oh my, you are really nude!". But then when we offer to put something on, they don't this it is necessary. Soon everyone from couriers, postmen and chimney sweeps will know what to expect and the nude encounter will become part of the everyday.

Nude at the computer

Working on the computer – nude, of course

Thanks to the Internet, you can access (almost) all computers in the world from your office at home – combined with the freedom of working from home. For example, saving getting changed into unnecessary clothing when it's warm enough.

Most companies have a certain standard for their employees when it comes to clothing. In some places this can go as far as the mandatory dark suit with a white shirt and tie.

Some time ago, when I had a visit from a real estate broker from a major bank, who wanted to inform himself before participating in a nude walk, whose company and hiking he would entrust himself to. In a relaxed atmosphere, he first untied his silk tie before we left for a few hours, where we talked about nude walking and other nude activities.

I would accept tying a tie if the company image were at stake. But would I rather work without a shirt, trousers and jacket if the temperature were right! The quality of my work would be better – after all, multiple concentration problems, breaks to moan about sweating and all absences due to illness due to a summer cold due to working in sweaty clothes would be avoided.

Tea time in the workroom

At tea time in the study, the invigorating drink provides a desired refreshment and encouragement. Only moments separate us from the nature-conscious enjoyment of a natural Darjeeling First Flush from the tea campaign , which is cultivated in a controlled and certified organic cultivation: delicious!

Washing day

For more than 25 years, the tea campaign , initiated by Prof. Faltin (Freie Universität Berlin), has been famous for its revolutionary business concepts that have been used to mix up the market of the tea industry and Washday to market low-pollutant top Darjeelings in 500 and 1000g packages. Recently, the laundry campaign has attempted to snatch market shares from the industry giants such as Unilever and Henkel, with an environmentally friendly laundry detergent concept – with beneficial impacts on the wallet and for the environment.

The basic principle is Peg out washing to use a detergent whose composition corresponds to the hardness of the locally available water. This allows harmful substances (detergent surfactants and softening chemicals) to be avoided or reduced – to benefit all of us and the environment. Find out about this alternative soon, before you buy a Weißer Riese or a pack of Persil (because you know what environmental impact you have) with a red Christmas bow.

Window cleaning day

Window cleaning day is once a year. When the cold winter has passed and the temperatures during the day finally become bearable again, the windows must be clean again in order to have a clear view. This can only be done before Easter (if Easter is late) but before Whitsun is actually always possible.

Like with all housework, I am nude when cleaning the windows. Once I was "caught" by my neighbour: »Oh, I thought you only go walking nude?« she asked. She has known about my nudity for years. »No, of course I am always nude when the temperature permits it. And when I'm cleaning the windows, I start sweating quickly anyway, so clothes are exactly the thing«, I replied. »Well, maybe I try that too?« she answered sceptically.