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The founding fathers of the naturist movement already hiked in the buff at the beginning of the 20th century. Thus Richard Ungewitter reports in his book "Nackt" [en: Nude] (1908) about his nude hikes in the Schwarzwald [en: Black Forest].

Today, naturists initiate alone by means of the natury website nude hikes totalling around 1,000 km per year. Anyone interested can register with the initiator by e-mail or by filling in the registration form. Hiking groups have usually between 10 and 30 participants.


How do you get the idea to hike in the buff?

Quite simple: Because our children wanted to lick an ice cream.

We were the whole day at the bathing lake, of course at the naturist section. When it was really hot in the afternoon, our children came up with the idea: Can we lick an ice cream? The ice cream booth was maybe 500 m away and of course provided the children from the textile beach with the coveted refreshment.

But who can give children a plausible reason: "You must wear clothes to get an ice cream!" What a crap! The whole day we jump around in the nude, and then we are going to wear clothes for the walk to the ice cream booth, just because there are also people wearing bathing dresses buying their ice cream? This is absolutely nonsense!

So we went all four in the buff to the ice cream booth, and lo and behold: We stood in the nude amongst textiles in the queue and got our ice, without extra charge! And because it tasted so good, we made a little detour through the fields, along the pastures where the cows chewed in the sun, back through the little grove to our beach.

The first sort of a little "nude hiking" was done. And because it was so beautiful, we have often repeated it and soon also extended the distance. And some day, we hiked in the nude without a stay at the bathing lake being the starting point. To hike in the nude through nature is always fun – even more: it is a paradisiacal epiphany!

Pentecostal hike 2012 in the Lahn-Dill-Bergland with 95 participants

Pentecostal hike 2012 in the Lahn-Dill-Bergland with 95 participants



Reports about hiking in the buff


Is that my thing?

Here, you will find a short summary of answers to frequently asked questions (a click onto a question will open a modal window with the regarding answers):

The German mag P.M. already in 2009 answered the question: Why is it so beautiful, to hike in the buff?

Question: Why should I do anything in the nude at all?

As children, we all have been taught not to be nude together with strangers – at least one pair of panties is required. Exceptions apply only in the sauna or for changing clothes and for showering, when doing sports or going for a swimm.

Shameful boys around 1910: Playing nude on the beach ok – but for the photo shoot, the genital is hidden by hand

Question: Don't I have to be ashamed?

What about law and order? How does the police deal with simple nudity? What is written in the law?

Adam and Eve with Cain and Abel – children are permitted to be nude, but what about elder ones?

Question: Am I just permitted to be nude?

But in public, you may encounter other people, who wear clothes and perhaps don't like to encounter nude people.

Encounter of nude and textile people at a summit cross

Question: How do others react?

Question: Your first experience. Some hints.

Question: What if someone reacts strangely?

The natury website offers to you even more comprehensive answers to these – and also regarding further – questions in the chapter Nude life, for example about Nudity and Law. Also, the chapter Reports about nudevents may raise your interest.

Should I just give it a try?