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Before the pleasure, the dear God has set the careful preparation: The pleasure of eating asparagus requires that it is peeled with the utmost care! Otherwise, the attempt to eat asparagus will be no pleasure at all. Tip to all housewives: Ask your men to peel asparagus! They are more generous, and generosity is the most important when peeling asparagus.

Asparagus prepared perfectly

When it is all done and the sauce hollandaise is freshly prepared (all the ready made products with this name are an offense to the noble name and have to be forbidden!) and the delicacy is served – what does us hinder to enjoy the royal vegetable in the nude, i.e. in our natural elegance? Nothing! And the enjoyment is of course perfect!

That's it: Vacation on balcony, of course in the nude. The day starts with breakfast and ends in the evening with the cozy, nude barbecue evening – please with respect to the neighbours not using charcoal – but on a electric grill!