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If you would like to become the initiator of a nudevent yourself and use the opportunities of registration via natury, we offer the following hints and a tool to you:

  • Announce your planned nudevent by creating a calendar entry in the Calendar of nudevents.
  • If you enter the URL as homepage, we will add an option to register on natury's registration page. For that purpose, pls send your e-mail address to with subject "meld2020 - New entry" and the URL to your entry in the Calendar of nudevents.
  • Applications will be send to your e-mail inbox having a uniform format. There is a tool to load the applications into a table:
    • Just download the file """ and unZIP it into a directory of your choice onto a computer running Windows.
    • Save every incoming application mail as text file "mail.txt" into the same directory.
    • Load each application stored to the file "meld.txt" into a file "table.csv" by launching "meld2020.exe". The first call of "meld2020.exe" creates a file "tabelle.csv", if it does not already exist. Each further call adds a line to this table.
    • As result, you will have all the applications for your event clearly arranged in a table (Excel, Libre Office …)
    • In case of questions or problems, you may request our support – mailto: with subject "meld2020 - Question".