Several performances of the play "Nackt" [en: "Nude"] Theaterhaus Jena, photo: Andreas Praefcke 3.0, written by the Dutch director Lizzy Timmers, are currently taking place at the Theaterhaus Jena.

Information about the play and the performance (

What could be more obvious with this topic than to open at least one of the performances to interested naturists? So, some of them have taken the initiative and asked the theatre for such an event. The theatre management is open and positive about the idea and now invites spectators to attend the performance on Saturday, 15 February 2020 in the nude.

Link to the theatre's playing schedule (

Part of the auditorium will be reserved for naturists. If you would like to participate, you can register here.

Calendar of nudevents (excerpt)

The theatre itself also announces the event as "FKK-Tag" [en: "naturist day"] both in the programme and in a flyer and also accepts registrations. Pls decide quickly, because the theatre hall is relatively small and the number of seats in the hall is limited!

In the food industry, but not only there, the slogan Buy unpacked is trendy. The discounter Netto stretches its marketing with pictures of unpacked, i.e. clothes-free ladies. The invitation, to go to Netto for shopping unpacked, i.e. without clothes, is a little late in the year, but courageous customers should not be deterred by outside temperatures going down - the shops are heated, and, maybe, there's even a hot coffee or mulled wine to warm you up?

Buy unpacked

Andreas Schlüter, a reporter of the German daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), reports in a FAZ+ article about his first hiking in the buff:

"The first quarter of an hour is like a nightmare, from which there is no awakening, because it is not a dream, but simply the most embarrassing thing I have ever experienced. I stand stark naked, wearing only sneakers, on a small parking lot somewhere between the villages of Wesel and Wehlen in the Lüneburger Heide [en: Lüneburg Heath]. An early autumn sun shines mildly, and in the distance you can see purple flowering heather. At least, that's for sure."

… most of us do not regard being in the buff when you buy your buns as obvious, especially if all other customers still wear winter coats.

But this young man in France implements this practice – since the baker’s slogan for his products is »Toutes les Richesses de la nature« (All the treasures of nature). A motto we naturists follow!

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