Issue with 2560 x 1080 (UWFHD) size monitors solved [20 June 2020]

Visitors of the natury website using an ultra wide screen monitor (2560 x 1080 = UWFHD) faced the issue, that the right ("sticky") menu partly interfered with content in the main part of the website, so that you could have difficulties to read text or click links:

Menu interfered with content on ultra wide screen monitors

Therefore, the layout of the natury website has been modified:

  1. The "sticky" right menu moves to the upper right corner of the browser window (and remains "sticky" there). If the screen window is dragged narrower or the visitor switches to higher zoom factors (zoom in content), the menu will move towards the content column, but before it gets to the content and could cover it, it will disappear.

  2. In order to be able to select the next adjacent menu item via the hierarchical, vertical menu layout, such a menu with a white background can be invoked by clicking on the green menu button at the top of the screen – this also covers the contents, but it disappears again immediately after clicking on a menu item. If you need the menu again, you can call it up again with the green button. Also, there is the symbol ⊗ in the upper right corner of the menu panel, which you can use to click the menu away again.

  3. The horizontal mega-menu is retained. In the case of very narrow windows, such as on a smartphone, it is reduced to a dark grey menu bar, which opens a menu specially optimised for smartphone operation.

Selected naktivities / nudevents

From Wednesday 14 to Friday 23 July 2021:
Naturist days, Germany, Saxon Switzerland
Info and registration
 – Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

From Mo 31 August to Sa 5 September 2020:
Naturist days, Romania, Făgăraș mountains
Info and registrationbr />  – Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

From Friday 14 to Sunday 23 August 2020:
Naturist days, Germany, Thuringia
Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

From Saturday 1 to Saturday 8 August 2020:
NEWT, Austria
 – Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

From Saturday 4 to Sunday 12 July 2020:
Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia
 – Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

Recent reports

D · Nude in research through the world [19 September 2020]

On the banks of the Neye DamMarc lives in Geneva, is currently on a research trip around the world as an author on the subject of nudity and has come across the subject of nude hiking in Germany. Since it is his principle to report from his own experience and feelings, he went on a nude hike with us and talked to the other participants at length and in detail. As one of many episodes, the German practice of nude hiking will be a topic in his book, which is scheduled for publication in 2021 – natury will report.

Encounter on the dam wallThe route, we have chosen for the nude hike, is a circuit around the Nyeye dam, which has been an occasional nude hiking destination for many years, and where you can easily engage in conversation during the hike, because you don't have to concentrate so much on the trail.

The forest's leaf canopy, which thinned out in late summer, let enough sunlight through to warm the air to 23°C, and now and then we could look out over the lake, which lay under a completely cloudless sky. In the "Café an der Neyetalsperre", the nude hiking group (now dressed) took stock of the day's hiking with coffee, cake and ice cream, and at the neighbouring tables encountered again all the hikers, they had encountered previously nude during the hike.

View from the dam wall to the lake

D · Nude hiking on meadow paths in the Eastern Eifel Mountains [14 September 2020]

First fill out ballot papers, then hike in the buff – that was the motto on the second Sunday in September, after Michael had chosen eastern Eifel Mountains as his hiking destination at the end of the summer.

The almost autum-like sun casts long shadows in the late morning at the beginning of the hike – Photo: Bernd
Gallery: Nude on meadow paths

Air temperatures there rose to 26°C, and the undisturbed sunshine caused some of the 18 nude hikers to apply sunscreen despite the advanced summer. Those, who no longer had enough sunscreen for their calves and shins, hid it in knee-length socks to prevent sunburn on lower legs.

Almost the whole time, the hiking group had the Olbrück Castle Keep in view, while hiking between angels and grove through meadows, pastures, fields, and occasionally through a forest. The gently undulating green of the landscape was often interrupted by white patches, which turned out to be cows and led to daring speculations about why cows in the Eifel do not have brown or black patches in their fur. We did not find a conclusive answer.

After the 13 km long slightly mountainous tour had been completed, the "Neue Marhof" in Niederdürenbach, directly adjacent to a well-attended swing golf course, was the hip spot for numerous ice cream scoops, hot coffee, or cool refreshments after the hike.

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