Jock Sturges

Jock Sturges (born 1947) is an US-American photographer.

Jock Sturges became famous for his photos on naturist beaches in California, Spain and especially in France (Montalivet). His pictures mainly depict girls and young women in the buff. Unlike David Hamilton, for example, Sturges does not see his pictures as sensual, erotic, or even pornographic. On the contrary, they are primarily meant to show beauty, fragility and transience.

Recommended book:
Jock Sturges, "Radiant Identities" (Copyright)

In the USA, the FBI searched Sturges' office in 1990 and confiscated his paintings and equipment. The reason was the accusation of child pornography. These accusations could not be upheld and he got his equipment and pictures back. Later that year, he was attacked by the religious right. Through appearances in TV programs and the defense by many liberals in the USA, he was also able to survive these attacks.

His works can be seen today in the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, in the Museum of Modern Art New York, in the National Library Paris, in the Museum für Moderne Kunst [rn: Museum of Modern Arte] in Frankfurt and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. There have also been exhibitions in galleries in Tokyo, Berlin, Munich, Brussels, and other cities around the world.

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