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Changing facilities are places, where you take off your everyday clothes and put on a special clothing, usually sportswear. There are shared changing rooms, often, but not always separated by by gender, and changing cubicles, which are usually rather narrow and usually offer place to only one person. We do not consider the latter.

For many, school sport is the first opportunity, Umkleidento make use of community changing facilities. Here, the differences in parents' education crassly show up: Some children have no problem at all to strip their clothes off in presence of their comrades' presence and put on sportswear, others act coyly and hardly manage to change their clothes within the given time. The other children might see them in underwear! Ouch!

At the swimming pool, the changing rooms become a complete problem for children, whose parents have nurtured a shy on nudity. Before the swimwear can be put on, the underwear must also be stripped off. In order to face this distress only once, many children are already putting on the bathing clothes at home – and of course for showering before swimming. The hygiene, once again falls by the wayside.

But when the bathing clothes are wet after bathing, they are reduced to stripped nude for a short time. So what? What are the benefits, that some parents teach their children such a shy on nudity, that they step in trouble at such simple everyday situations?

One of the funniest scenes in this regard, a young man performed, who apparently went to a naturist (!) beach for the first time and enwrapped himself into a huge towel, so that nobody could watch him stripping off his pants. Repeatedly, he had to fight fiercely with the towel sliding down to early - the other naturists at the beach just started to giggle and then laugh loudly. This did not help the young man at all: His face turned bright red, but he stood the gaff: Not before he was completely nude, he put the towel aside. The whole thing appeared to everyone to an extremely high degree as ridiculous.

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