Brochure in the nude "All together in the altogether"

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Rainer, an engaged and active naturist, has summarised some links to articles on websites concerning nude life, which we offer to click. In a small brochure (PDF), Brochure in the nude he has collected the essential topics of the articles – a suitable entry to get a first overview and then read more in Internet. Guido, a Dutch naturist and specialist in German studies, has translated it into Dutch.

For private, non-commercial purposes, we explicitly permit printing.
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Here, you may download a PDF version of the brochure in the nude to read in the topic:

Brochure in the nude
(PDF, reduced photo quality, file size approx. 1 MB)

Brochure in the nude
(PDF, good photo quality, file size approx. 14 MB)

Hint: The document's pages are formatted to A5 according to ISO 216. To print them on A4 size paper, the photomaster is more suitable:

Brochure in the nude, photomaster
(PDF, reduced photo quality, file size approx. 1 MB)

Brochure in the nude, photomaster
(PDF, good photo quality, file size approx. 14 MB)

The photomaster contains the pages of the brochure in A5 format abreast on a page in landscape A4 format:

PDF 1st page = 1st and 20th page of the brochure = leaf 1 front

PDF 2nd page = 2nd and 19th page of the brochure = leaf 1 back

PDF 3rd page = 3rd und 18th page of the brochure = leaf 2 front

PDF 4th page = 4th and 17th page of the brochure = leaf 2 back


Starting with paper leaves in A4 format, you will get a printed brochure in A5 format.

Just put the leaves, which are printed on front and back, with the front towards below onto a pile and fold them in the middle. So, a brochure, in which you may turn over the leaves, is made (still unstiched), the A5 format pages from 1 to 20 in correct sequence.

Three posters

You may download a ZIP file with three selected slogans in JPG format:
Posters in the nude (ZIP)

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One of six postcards (forefront) One of six postcards (forefront)

Those, who love to send classical postcards with a naturist citate, may download a ZIP file with six selected slogans in PDF format:
Postcards in the nude (ZIP)

For private, non-commercial purposes, we explicitly permit printing.
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You would like to …

You would like to be naktiv yourself? Naturist initiators offer nudevents, like hikes in the buff, nude bike tours, swimming in the nude, nude paddling …, which they announce by means of the calender of nudevents (user interface 80+ % in English). There, you may read the description and understand how to participate after registration with the initiator. You may read further tips in:

You have already worked out the details for a nudevent and have chosen a date? Also, you would like to offer others to accompany you? Then, you may log-in as a user of the calendar of nudevents with your personal credits. If you do not have enregistered a personal user account, just do it once. After having logged-in, create a new entry.

Explanation of terms

Translating text might be sometimes challenging even for professional translators – it is even more challenging for others, who are not native speakers of the other language. Asking native English speakers can be very helpful.

In this case, it was even challenging for native speakers to find a compelling slogan. Here, it is not possible to translate the German slogan. You need to get the idea of the slogan understood and then figure out such a slogan in English anew. Bernard had a very successful idea. The result even impressed other native speakers.

If your interested in looking behind the scenes, just browse through the following text.

We started to brainstorm for lively, compelling slogans – seperately for German, English, and Dutch – playing with words and double meanings. The motive is to find those, which attract best readers' attention, emotions, and interest to read more concerning the information on the natury website and the idea of the naturist lifestyle with a smile and a positive attitude.

In German, our first result – kudos to Guido for the finally convincing idea! – was to transform the title "Das nackte Leben" to the slogan "Bloß Zusammenleben".


  • "Bloß" – with a double meaning in German – connotes
    • "nur | nichts sonst" [en: merely | only | nothing else] as well as
    • "unbedeckt | unbekleidet" [en: uncovered | unclothed].
  • "Zusammenleben" [en: Living together] emphasizes, that it is all about living nude and in balance together with others, of course also with those, who prefer to live clothed.

»Double meanings (in English we also call them by the French double-entendres) are often to be found in publications, especially in jocular descriptions of naturism. But they have mostly become clichés that are best avoided (in my opinion).

I like the idea of trying to include a connotation of shared experience (Zusammenleben, Zusammenerleben), but I find it's just as hard to achieve in English as in German.

Perhaps surprisingly English has the slang phrase 'in the altogether' which means naked. So to be 'All together in the altogether' (Alle zusammen im Adamskostüm) actually does capture what you are after, albeit in rather idiomatic fashion.

Personally I like the phrase 'Living without clothes', which implies living (usually social and varied) and avoids the words nude, naked and bare which some non-naturists may fear.«

Comment: Bernard, England

»Finding a compelling slogan is hard in any language, but doubly difficult if you are trying to translate one that works in a different language. […] So I understand and appreciate your question.[…] Personally, I would vote for "Living Naturally." […]«

Comment: Milt, USA

It is a great pleasure for us, to adopt Bernard's idea "All together in the altogether" as a lifely, compelling slogan to do marketing for a lifestyle in the buff and therefore use it for presentation of the brochure and its title.

Also a great pleasure for us is, to adopt Milt's idea "Living Naturally" and merge it with Bernard's preference "Living without clothes" to "Living naturally without clothes" as a another lifely, compelling slogan for the brochure.

We prefer to use the coinage "nudevent" [over "na(c)ktivity"] as well as the terms "nudity", "nude", "in the nude", and "in the buff". In contrast, we use "naked" and "nakedness" to express something negative. In order to emphasise certain own activity, we choose Richard's "naktiv". Pls take into account, that these principles may not be applied in some cases, e.g. own text in English and translations to English by native speakers, who follow their style, or with titles of exhibitions, plays etc.

For the concerning main menu item, we follow Bernard's suggestion of "Nude life".

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