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During the Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT) in July 2019, Jane and Nick developed the idea of a similar week in Spain. Clarisse and Pascal made it happen and initiated a week of hikes in the buff in October 2019 in the surroundings of the naturist campsite Sierra Natura in the Spanish mountains southwest of Valencia.

They offered a couple of hikes in the buff in the surroundings of a naturist campsite in the Spanish mountains southwest of Valencia. It became the first Spanish NEWT, and, thanks to the active participation of naturists from 5 countries, it was already international again.

Since 2017, the Rotterdam Museum Kunsthal has been organising its "Naked Tour" every year with great success.

This year, it took place on 28 September. By looking at herself in the mirrors of this Venetian mask, the naked visitor turns herself into part of the artwork …The previously registered, approx. 60 visitors could visit the works of the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos undressed. Four museum guides explained the individual artworks to groups of younger and older nude visitors including a grandmother and her two granddaughters.

The exhibited works this time had no relation to the nude person or body, unlike so often on naturist guided tours through museums. They were oversized objects, with which the artist satirically mocked the "roles" of men and women in society – for example in a pair of high heels made of chrome kitchen pots or by transforming a helicopter, i.e. a typical "male" object, Different perspective, new insights?into an extremely feminine "lilicopter" with feminine attributes.

In the Netherlands, too, The discrepancy between the hard metal of the artwork and the soft construction of the human body renders visitors themselves part of the exhibition. A tram of line 23, which passes the museum just outside on Westzeedijk Street, also gives the impression, that it is one of the artworks …media interest in events, where you can be nude, is growing. This is already evident from the fact, that a photographer and a cameraman accompanied the naturists and the second largest newspaper of the Netherlands "'Algemeen Dagblad" reported about it on 29 September 2019. Already in 2018, the countrywide known presenter Lauren Verster informed about the "'Naked Tour" in the "'Kunsthal" at that time in her TV show "Lauren!".

We learned during our visit, that there shall be another "Naked Tour" in 2020 – natury will inform you.

Guido had initiated a naturist tour of the Villa Vauban Museum in Luxembourg City on 3 October 2019. Ten naturists took part in a guided visit of photographs by the Finnish artist Elena Brotherus.

Villa Vauban – Photo Story

Information about:
Villa Vauban · Elina Brotherus

Also in 2019, the Westfälische Naturisten-Tage [en: Westphalian Naturist Days] will again be the largest naturist event, Su 25 – This family was on its way to the Sunday family excursionwhich lasts several days, in the West. The Münsterland and its surroundings up to the Teutoburger Wald [en: Teutoburg Forest] is the destination of 9 consecutive days of hikes in the buff, nude cycling tours and other naturist activities such as a nude visit to the Dülmen Ponies. The regional, daily newspaper Halterner Zeitung had already prepared its readers in advance for the fact, that again more nude hikers and other active naturists will be on their way in the surroundings.

For the Thüringer Naturistentage (TNT) [en: Thuringian Naturist Days] 2019, On the lookout tower 'Generalblick'Andreas had again prepared a varied programme of hiking, cycling, and culture. This year, the central quarter was set up on the camping site in Meyersgrund in the Ilmenau area, where most of the participants settled in bungalows or other typical camping accommodations. Instead, some individualists preferred the comfort of a guesthouse, hotel, or holiday apartment in the surrounding area and met the others at planned meeting points for the events.

The nude hiking days in Saxon Switzerland 2019 from 22 to 31 July offered 20190723 Schrammsteine - The classicsa lot of hikes in the buff to the participants, as well as a nude cycling tour along the Elbe River into the Czech Republic and a nude paddling tour on the Elbe River from Königsstein downstream to Pirna.

NEWT group photo 2019Since 2005, the NEWT (Naked European Walking Tour) has been taking place annually in Austria. It was originally founded by Rich (Richard Foley), and during recent years has been organized by Pascal and Clarisse from France. The participants from up to 12 nations meet in the Alps to hike and climb in the buff together.

Most of the group members stay in a rented hut and share meal preparation there, but a smaller group regularly undertakes two or three day tours with tents, i.e. they also spend the night in nature. At least once, the tent group returns to the hut to refresh their supplies.

Nature and naturism harmonise better in the natural surroundings of the mountains NEWT Martinthan anywhere else, but this year the landlord of the accommodation imposed a clothing requirement on the property and pool for the approximately 40 naturists. So it remains unclear whether NEWT will take place again in Austria, or whether another host country will be chosen.

Nevertheless, NEWT 2019 remained an event with highly attractive nude hikes in alpine surroundings every day. The individual hikes offered very varied experiences and insights into the fascinating world of mountain nature - including swimming in ice-cold lakes or rolling in snow.

Martin, a member of the 'Sächsische Nacktwanderfreunde', reports about NEWT 2019 in a detailed, personal photo report; Andreas has contributed additions from the point of view of the tent group.

 – Thanks to Martin and Andreas for providing the reports!

Andreas and Martin provided a participant's report.

Dear hiking friends

After Andreas and Wolfgang took part in the Naked European Walking Tour in 2015, Not the first group photo, but by far the most beautiful …and Torsten and I joined it in 2017, we wanted to stay true to the good old two-year rhythm and be part of this unique hiking group again in 2019. Andreas, myself and more than 40 other naturists from numerous countries joined to explore the area around the Dachstein …

Note for English-speaking readers: The Naked European Walking Tour took place in the Austrian province of Styria, or Steiermark in German. An "alm", which appears in many of the place names, is an area of alpine pasture, very often the site of a farmhouse.

We got a report by John P about a Naked Hiking Day event.

John PThe Solstice hike in Vermont took place as usual on the section of the Long Trail/Appalachian Trail between Wallingford and Mt Tabor. This year there were 11 participants in spite of the dubious weather, with a forecast calling for "a couple of morning showers and then some sunshine", which was pretty much what occurred. Rain the previous day meant that the proposed campout at Grout Pond didn't happen, but my friend Dan and I did camp at the Big Branch shelter near the hike's starting point, walking in under a misty drizzle. Because of that rain (and a wet week in general) the trails were muddy and flooded in places, and streams were running full. Nevertheless we were able to get by everywhere, and it was even possible to keep one's feet dry.

The long weekend beginning with Corpus Christi Wearing colourful art all together in the altogetherin 2019 was again the opportunity for around 40 naturists to gather for the 2019 Naturist days in the Harz Mountains and to undertake joint naturist activities in the Oberharz.

During these naturist days, 13 of the naturists participated in a bodypainting. After the already traditional presentation of our body-art works between church and town hall in Clausthal, some of us enjoyed Art outside - Cooling down insidea delicious ice cream. Other guests and passers-by first showed their surprise at the colourful 'dresses', then greeted back friendly and took an unusual memory home.

After the trip to Clausthal, some of us did a short hike before dinner. We met a family with two boys and two girls. They obviously had a lot of fun in view of our picturesque skin art, and when we told them about having ice cream in Clausthal, they had to laugh out loud - their cheerfulness sounded for quite a while.

– Report: Rainer (text), Helmut (photos)

Origan mapOrigan villageA group of naturists had chosen Origan in the southern French Alps as their domicile for almost two Hiker in the buff at the 'Col de Roua'weeks. They went on their daily hikes in the buff in front of majestic Alpine peaks. In addition, natural attractions such as the longest and deepest gorge in the Alps (Gorges du Verdon) were the destinations of their excursions. And at the end of the day, French cuisine awaited the tired hikers with culinary surprises and wines full of character.

The network of hiking trails in the Gorges du Verdonfrench South-Alps didn't make it easy to find circular hikes, so that sometimes a one-way hike was the solution – with 2 cars no problem, but because of the many serpentines quite time-consuming. Texture of a hiking trailAlso, the texture of hiking trails in the Alps needed to get used to it – not only for barefoot hikers.

However, the view of bare rock walls in different colours and rock types, lightly wooded or snow-covered peaks or deeply cut valleys compensated for this time and again. Brown slate is the distinctive rock in the Gorges de Daluis.

Four of us had registered for Herbert's nude hike in the Vulkaneifel Mountains and were looking forward to be actively nude there again, to see well-known naturists again and to get to know new ones.

However, in view of the forecast of thunderstorms in the hiking area, we decided at short notice, not to take the long drive to get there, and hiked instead in the Birgeler Urwald [en: Birgelen Primeval Forest] in the German-Dutch Maas-Schwalm-Nette Nature Park.

This choice gave us pleasant May weather with sun, weak wind, and air temperature above 20 °C as well as a pleasant refreshing swim in a pond in the primeval forest.

We enjoyed bright, fresh green of spring, singing birds, and croaking frogs as many other hiking and cycling people did in the nature park. On the horizon, it became sometimes dark – there were probably thunderstorms or rain. The rain did not arrive until we had finished our hike and were on our way home. We had probably made the right choice!

– Rainer

Milt (USA) was one of the very early birds at NEWT. Since 2009, he joined several NEWT groups for naturist hiking weeks in Austria. In 2019, Nude Zealand was on the agenda. We could simply participate and enjoy the NZ tour, because Milt did a great preparation work. Now, we have got his report about our nude exploring of New Zealand Let me be part of naturein 2019:

Hello friends,

I’ve been meaning for weeks to put together a brief report for you about Dan, John, Rainer and Milt’s Excellent Adventure looking for naturist opportunities in New Zealand.  I would have to rate our efforts a grand success.  We were nude more often than we might have reasonably expected.

The Westphalian beginning of May Hike on 1 Mayis a small 'spring preview' of the Westfälische Naturisten Tage [en: Westphalian Naturist Days"] later in the year, which usually take place during 9 consecutive days. Hiking in the buff is always a substantial part ot these nudevents. Other activities in the buff are nude cycling, swimming in the nude, and other nudevents.

How do you get Could you be tempted to turn to the naturist way of life? It's your turn now.the idea, to travel from Germany about 20,000 km around almost half the planet for a nude holiday?

Quite simple: To see friends from the USA again and to do something together with them, to get to know new things, to meet people and to speak with them, to finally report about it.

We travelled between Auckland on the north island and Queenstown on the south island.Our activities are associated with many memories:

Vittorio, Italy, participated in the Vittorio at the TNT 2018Thüringer Naturisten-Tage [en: Thuringian Naturist Days] 2018. He speaks and writes excellent German from his student days in Berlin in the 70s and 80s and has provided us with his memories of the hiking experiences in Thuringia in 2018.

On the long hikes, in the inns, in the evenings at the accommodation there was constant talk. Thousands of speeches were connected with each other, with one and the other, and with a third.

The people were open, friendly … and I noticed it because I normally don't feel so open. Calm the spirit, carefree, the smile came to the surface and remained constantly in the face. I was happy every time someone talked to me, have a conversation with me. Each respected the other, his way, his habits, his unique nature.

The fact of being nude was a minor matter, it helped however: It made us live in a state of grace, in a special nature of feelings, so that we automatically were living well together.

For ten days, they were extraordinary interpersonal relationships, as if everyone had always been friends, as if they were friends since ever, and each appreciated the other as nothing but good and friendly. We were on vacation, we were all in a good mood, but I brought home the belief that more positive relationships with people are possible.

Naturally, we were not ashamed of ourselves, of our body, and the fact that the word nudity lost all its raison d'être and no longer denoted a state of emergency, that it was no longer classified and embarrassing, helped us on a material level to have no more fears, uncertainties and caution, and tendency to hide. When you feel completely visible in your body, you feel completely transparent in your mind …

Read the full report (PDF)

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